Working Out in Style – The Zinio App and Viewing Digital Magazines During Workouts

Reading during workouts can be a great incentive for those who aren’t used to intense fitness exercises or using treadmills for extended periods of time. Fortunately, technological advancements present us with better ways to enjoy our workouts through the use of gadgets such as iPhones, Androids, or tablet PCs and quality apps designed to enhance user experience while reading.

One of the best examples of such apps is Zinio, a world renowned digital magazine viewer created for virtually any device to provide you with a natural, pleasant experience while conveniently browsing through the world’s largest digital newsstand.

Introducing Zinio

Zinio provides over 5,500 titles that can easily be accessed through the Zinio app installed on your favorite mobile device. Though Zinio has been around for awhile, the resurgence of the app has taken the world by storm by winning the “Best iOS Magazine App” at this year’s Best App Ever Awards.

The application was specially designed to provide a natural feel on touchscreen devices, making it easy to look through your favorite publications while sitting comfortably on your couch, having coffee or even during a treadmill workout.

Zinio allows you to either purchase subscriptions to gain full access to your favorite magazines from anywhere on the globe or use a special “explore” section to find about three thousand curated publications per day (without subscribing to anything) that you can share with your friends and family.

With just one Zinio account, the app can be used on iOS devices such as iPads, iPhones and iPods, as well as Android and Windows 8 tablets, PCs, Macs, both online and offline with relative ease and at no extra charge. The only slight compatibility issue being associated with its use is on Amazon Kindle Fire devices which require a special installer to be able to run the application successfully.

The Advantages of Using the Zinio App while Working Out

Reading your favorite magazines while exercising can bring many advantages, keeping you in a good mood even during the most demanding sessions. Following are just a few of the things the Zinio app can help you with if you’re having trouble with your workouts:

  • Motivation: First and foremost, reading digital magazines with the Zinio app can keep you motivated to continue exercising. Even if you don’t like working out, your favorite publications can still keep you “glued” to your machine so you don’t cut your fitness sessions short.Zinio and Working Out
  • Enjoyment: You’ll never get bored again while going through tedious 30-40 minute exercise sessions, as the app offers you thousands of pages of content to keep you entertained.
  • Convenience: Sliding your finger over a touchscreen is all you need to do when using the Zinio app during your workouts.
  • Keeping informed: If your job requires you to keep up with the major stories of the day, you won’t have to lose sight of any of them while taking a break from your research to spend time at the gym.

Working Out While Reading – Is It for Everyone?

If you have attention problems, you can’t coordinate your body properly or you tend to (either consciously or not) use distractions as a way to decrease the intensity of your workouts, then reading while working out might not be a good idea for you. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Reading can keep you in bad shape despite any advanced workout methods you may be using, since it makes it harder to focus on keeping a proper posture. Leaning over a machine to see the text on your mobile device is likely to create problems for your abs and lower back.
  • When running on a treadmill, for instance, while you move your eyes to follow the story you’re reading in an article, or move your hands to turn the pages of your digital magazine viewer will cause your attention to be impaired which could lead to loss of balance.
  • Even though using a quality app like Zinio can make it easier to focus and keep a good posture, some people just get so captivated by reading that they end up moving less during their cardio sessions and burning up fewer calories.

What Do Experts Suggest?

Most trainers and doctors will tell you that just about anything that can influence you to start a workout can be a beneficial asset when it comes to losing weight.

Of course, if you’re a professional athlete, and you need to devote all your attention to proper breathing and the strain on your muscles or to the potentially complex workout techniques you may be using, reading a magazine, texting or even listening to music can provide a distraction that should generally be avoided.

However, if you are struggling with getting motivated for your fitness sessions or if you’re more likely to get discouraged or bored and just stop working out completely, then having something like the Zinio app around to keep you going can be a fun way of taking your mind off the negative aspects of working out, and just enjoying your time at the gym or at home, on your own treadmill.Zinio and Working Out

The Zinio Experience

Aside from the thousands of free articles it provides along with content available in 33 different languages, the Zinio app allows you to search and save your favorite stories, and is extremely easy to access, making it a sheer joy to use it while you’re exercising.

Zinio won the Best Global App award at the 2012 Online Marketing Summit, the app also having been named among the top 20 best apps of the year by Techcrunch and commended on review sites by thousands of satisfied buyers who use it during their workouts and fitness sessions on a daily basis.

The HealhBuffs Verdict

When you combine Zinio’s cross device syncing,  bookmarking, free articles, thousands of titles, eye-catching presentation, ease of use and so many more convenient features, readers will enjoy an unparalleled reading experience even while working out. Unlike comparable digital magazine viewers, such as iOS Newsstand where each magazine is a separate application, Zinio is a universal app for all magazines you purchase and an excellent companion for your treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike workouts.

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