Winter Hair Care Tips

Wintertime is a nice and joyful time – snowflakes dancing in the air, the cold biting our skin and also affecting the overall quality of our hair. Without proper care your hair may feel brittle and tired during the cold season. You can do a whole lot for it, knowing the way to do it.

We hope these tips will be of use to you in the future if you were not aware of them by now. Depending on your hair type, different measures should be undertaken to assure your hair will be properly protected:

  • Straight and wavy hair require you to stay away from shampoos containing detergents. You should go for dry shampoo instead. It is also ill-advised to wash your hair daily as the natural oils needed by your hair during this period will be washed away and it will get dry.
  • Curly hair should be washed every few days with conditioner while avoiding shampoos. If you have to use shampoo avoid the ones containing sodium laurul phosphate as it strips the natural oils from your hair. These are something you really need during the season, otherwise your hair will remain dry and frizzy. Wash your hands by applying a gentle scalp massage during the cleansing.
  • Coily hair has a shape allowing you to mostly replenish the natural oils through treatment with conditioners. Applying coconut or virgin olive oil before cleansing if your hair is dry or brittle is an excellent way to do that as well.

Something else you should keep in mind at all times are the following tips, which are universal for all hair types:

  • Keep your hair dry before going out. Always make sure you do that by blow-drying it before you leave. This is not only to help you avoid getting that nasty cold, but also to help keep your hair manageable as well. This may take a few minutes or longer, depending on its length, however you need to do this regardless of what you’d prefer.
  • The best styles for winter are the ones that require the least amount of maintenance to work with. You should avoid combing your hair throughout the day, regardless of your desires, as this will only serve as a trigger for further shedding. Wearing a top-knot or a fishtail braid will help you keep your hair healthy.
  • Using oils such as extra virgin olive oil will allow your hair to repair itself, as they provide the much-needed nutrients needed for that process. You can apply it directly to your damp hair after washing it. Seal it up with a hot towel or a plastic cap and your hair will have a chance to heal.
  • Using your favorite conditioner you can add some oils to the mix. This will restore the nutrients needed by your hair lost in the cold. You can leave them on for about 15 minutes, then wash them off. This should be sufficient time for them to become absorbed into the roots and the hair itself.

The article has been written on behalf of Hackney Movers