What to Do When Your Diet Coincides with Your Vacation

What to Do When Your Diet Coincides with Your Vacation?

Don’t panic! There is a solution. Just don’t stop your diet under any circumstances. Otherwise, you’ll lose the results you’ve already achieved. A vacation shouldn’t be an excuse to break your diet, and if you’re motivated enough, you’ll find a way to handle the situation right. Some helpful tips wouldn’t be redundant, though. Remember that a healthier lifestyle is good for you, so don’t give it up just because you’re on vacation. Your body doesn’t deserve to devour massive amounts of greasy food for the sake of a week or two of feast. Imagine how hard you have to work out afterwards to get back into shape.

To Eat or Not to Eat in Local Restaurants?

This is quite a dilemma, indeed. On the one hand, eating in restaurants when on vacation might endanger your diet because of food high in calories and fat. Also, you never know how many grams of saturated fat or calories the meals you consume there contain. And, if you’re served a large portion, you’ll be tempted to eat it all, especially when you’ve been on a diet for weeks before that. These are some of the reason to avoid eating out.

On the other hand, another thing lies before you – how can you be on holiday in another country and not try some of its cuisine? This would be a loss. That’s why you have to be smart in your choice of food when on a trip. A good suggestion is to modify your diet a little, adjust it in a sense, in order to either enjoy the taste of local food and to not gain weight. Add more walking to that and you should not lose your shape. Being active or eating smaller portions will help you stay healthy.

Eat in at Least Once a Day

By cooking your own meals, you’ll know exactly what’s in them. Other than that, you’ll be able to prepare the food following your diet. As you know, rich in fiber and protein food is preferable to one high in saturated fat and sugar. Surely, local stores will sell fruits and vegetables, so you can use them to fix up something fast and healthy. There are vacation rentals where you’ll have all the premises to yourself equipped with a kitchen – a comfort that will allow you to prepare the dishes which serve best for your diet.

No-Calorie Beverages Should Become Your Best Friend

Of course, water is the preferable drink and you should continue drinking it, especially if you’re at some hot summer destination, but how can you resist those local cocktails? Alcohol surely contains calories, so what you can do is not indulge yourself in a spree of cocktails, drink in moderation. Your incentive should be your health. There are beverages that are free of calories. Since sugar is not recommended, you can order unsweetened tea or coffee, diet soda or sparkling water.

Beware of Condiments

There are condiments that are very high in fats and calories. Mayonnaise and any creamy sauces should be avoided. Ketchup, mustard, barbeque sauce and marinara are the condiments that are considered lower in calories. But if you happen to be in a restaurant tasting local foods that come with some kind of special dressing, make sure to ask what is in it before consuming it. Other than calories concerns, you may not like how it tastes, so you can even ask for the dressing to be put on the side, separate from the main dish.

There are options to follow your diet with little modifications and compromises here and there. You just have to have the desire and a strong will to resists the temptations that will come your way.

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