Top Countries with Healthy Cuisine

The desire to eat healthy food is tied to our overall health in a much more intimate way than most people realize. Diet and exercise are a great way to keep in shape, however the proper diet has to be exercised as a lifelong commitment so we can attain optimum results. Based on the average lifespan of citizens around the world and their food habits we can easily deduce a small list of the most healthy cuisines around the world. For the most part, human beings to the East tend to have a more balanced diet which incorporates less sugar and fat compared to other countries which may explain why most of these countries are on the top considering life expectancy. Here is our small list of world cuisines:

1. Japanese cuisine

Japan sports the biggest amount of elderly citizens with lives past 100 years of age in the world. The reason for that? Moderation, healthy food and the spirit of Japan maybe? Whatever the reason the land of the Rising Sun has a tasty combination of seafood and a number of vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini, kale, rice and soy among other things are used excessively in their food. They provide a healthy dose of fiber and antioxidants and when paired with the tradition of never overeating and doing all things in moderation this gives them a great way of remaining healthy and fit for a very long time. The average life expectancy for Japan is 82 years with some amazing cases like Jiroemon Kimura, born in 1897 who is still alive and kicking in 2012 at the age of 115!

 2. Singapore

By far one of the healthiest diets in the world, Singaporean cuisine is relatively monochrome compared to other cultures around the world because of its main reliance on rice. They completely make up for it by garnering it with a variety of tasty vegetables and spices which make their food unique and extremely healthy. On top of that, the sweets they make traditionally are mostly derived from fruits made into puddings and casseroles without any added sugar. The percentage of overweight people in this country is a very low 1.8% compared to the much higher numbers in western societies.

3. Chinese

The Chinese food eaten in their native country is very different from the westernized versions we eat and have been eating for years now. Traditional food there is mostly made up of vegetables, fruits and whole grains such as rice and legumes such as beans. Combine those with Chinese cabbage, ginger, garlic and daikon and you end up with a very healthy diet since most of it is cooked or fried very quickly in a wok, preserving the vitamins and minerals present within.

4. Sweden

A less-known variety of food around the world since Sweden is mostly known for its incredibly Eco-conscious politics and the habits of its citizens. Swedish food is a healthy blend of brown bread, dairy products, fish, berries and a little bit of fruits and vegetables. The calcium from the dairy products, the rich fiber in rye bread and the antioxidants present in the berries are great for your overall health and your heart.

5. France

Most of what we see from the French is great cheese, wine and chocolate and because of those you’d think that they would have problems gaining weight. Traditional French food doesn’t have the  same snacks prevalent in the rest of the Western world and the portions are small enough that people won’t overeat. That helps keep people healthy and because of a few other things, such as mostly baking and stewing their food, they have kept the fat away from the majority of their meals.

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