Top Beauty Secrets to Give Your Eyes a Brightening Boost

A succession of late nights and early starts can take their toll on our eyes, leaving them looking puffy and dull. It’s popularly believed that tired eyes are one of the main reasons why people appear older and haggard, so it’s never been more important to give eyes a boost. But if you can’t find an extra hour’s sleep, follow these simple tips to awaken dull eyes to help you look fresh and bright every day.

Eye Roll-on

The eye roll-on has become a make-up bag essential for women of all ages since they were first advertised as offering anti-ageing properties. These handy gadgets use a gentle, cooling massaging ball to stimulate the eyes and offer a soothing effect. When we are tired, we can suffer from puffy eye bags beneath the eyes. Roll-ons have been

Garnier Roll-On

specifically designed to cool and reduce puffiness beneath the eyes. They also offer a refreshing morning lift. It’s now possible to buy eye roll-ons enriched with caffeine, such as the Garnier Eye Roll-On, or a caffeine roll-on with a subtle tinted concealer. Caffeine is favoured for its anti-inflammatory properties, making it perfect for puffy eye bags. In addition, the hint of concealer can conceal the dark shadows beneath your eyes.

Eye drops

Eye drops were once reserved for people with irritated or infected eyes but they have undergone a transformation to cater to people with dull or tired eyes. In most pharmacies you will find a range of eye-brightening drops which, with just a few drops, can make your eyes sparkle.

optrex eye dropsEye drops restore your eyes’ natural moisture and brighten the whites of your eyes for a much-needed boost. Optrex Brightening Drops are specifically designed for dull eyes and claim to offer dazzling eyes with just a few drops. If you’re not keen on the idea of eye drops, you can now find eye mist sprays which you just spray on closed eyes for the same brightening effect.


Highlighters are essential make-up tools for perking up dark, dull eye areas. Celebrity make-up artists swear by the magic of clever highlighting to contour and lighten areas of the face, as seen on stars such as Kim Kardashian. By applying a small dab of highlighter on the outer and inner corners of the eye, you can create the effect of brighter, lively eyes. Yves Saint-Laurent’s Touche Eclat is the phenomenally successful highlighter famed for its concealing and brightening qualities, perfect for bringing your tired eyes to life.


As with highlighters, the right eyeshadow can do wonders for your eyes. If your eyes are looking particularly dark and dull, avoid dark shadows which will only emphasise this. Instead, opt for pale, light-reflecting shadows and apply over the entire lid to create the effect of bright eyes.


Although black eyeliner is the most commonly used eyeliner tone, using a lighter white pencil can create the illusion of lighter, brighter eyes. Use it along the lower lash line and the inner corners of your eye to add a highlighting effect. For the full effect when using white liner, avoid wearing heavy dark mascara and instead opt for clear mascara to just gently lift and contour your lashes without adding any darkness.

Follow these top tips to give your eyes a brightening boost this summer and hide away dull, tired eyes!