The Picture of Health in the US

The cost of health care continues to rise while Americans struggle to get basic medical care. Additionally, rising health care costs affect private individuals as well as government agencies. When health care is inaccessible, a minor illness becomes a major health crisis and cost more to treat. Affordable preventative care would be a more cost-effective.

Americans see and feel the impact through higher insurance premiums and increased cost for medical care and services. The lack of access to necessary health care is another factor for concern and it affects everyone. It is a push pull cycle of inequality because the push is for medical breakthroughs, but the pull is the amount of money it takes to research and find the cures.

Unfortunately, there are no quick or easy fixes to the problems within the present health care system. Comparatively, if gasoline prices kept pace with the cost of health care, drivers would be paying $13.50 per gallon at the pump.

Source: Best Masters in Healthcare

The Picture of Health in the US