The Last Night of a Single Girl – Make it Amazing

Whether you call them wedding showers or hen parties, once that date for the wedding has been set there are just as many plans made that are aimed at getting the girls together for one last night of freedom, as there are plans made for the big day itself.  One of the biggest decisions that they all have to make between them though is what they are going to do to celebrate their friends last few days as an unmarried woman.  Celebrations vary between cultures of course and in some cultures there are religious traditions and rites that need to be observed, however most young women see it as an excuse to let their hair down and go wild for a while.

Party Hard

The cries and laughter from a group of women celebrating a hen night can generally be heard across the town as they journey from pub to bar to club and back again celebrating for all that they are worth.  Not only can you hear them but they are generally very hard to miss what with all of the fancy dress bridal wear, ‘L’ plates and other nonsense that they all adorn themselves with.  They start drinking early in the evening while getting ready for their night on the town and carry on drinking until the early hours of the morning until the bars close and they have to either stumble home, stilettos in hand, or fall out of the back of a taxi and crawl home into bed.  It’s not pretty and it’s certainly not dignified and if this is how you are planning on celebrating before your wedding with your friends make sure you leave enough time after the event to recover, lose the mascara laden panda look and generally re-join the rest of the human race.

The Last Night of a Single Girl - Make it AmazingGirls Night In

Of course rather than walk around the town arm in arm and singing at the top of your lungs you could opt for a girls’ night in.  A selection of takeaway food, wine and spirits and good friends make for a perfect evening.  A DVD on the TV or music on the stereo and you are set for a night of gossip and innuendo, nail painting and makeovers.  What is even better is that no one really cares if it becomes a sleepover and you are all still there for breakfast the next day, it just makes the party last longer.  Everyone gets the chance to stay presentable and make it home in one piece and there is little chance of a drunken photo of you in a wine bar with a strange bloke appearing on Facebook the following day.

Perfectly Pampering

Knowing how women always like to look their best and really enjoy a bit of pampering there are now many day spas that offer hen party packages as well as hotels that have their own spa facilities that are focusing upon this side of the market.  What could be better than a night away from the mundane routine of home spent in the luxurious surrounding of a country hotel with your best friends in the world, being pampered and waited on as though you were royalty?  Meals in the restaurant, drinks at the bar and treatments in the spa, what more could a girl ask for?  You may even be able to enjoy a yoga session or other such activity before heading to the swimming pool or spa pool to get you in the mood for any number of pampering treatments that will leave you feeling fabulous.

The Last Night of a Single Girl - Make it Amazing

Alternatively if you can’t all afford a night away in a hotel but still want all of the lovely spa treatments there are a number of professional therapists that will help you organize a spa party in the comfort of your own home.  You could opt for serving some chilled sparkling wine in champagne flutes, complete with a fresh strawberry at the bottom of the glass, and have platters of fresh fruit and other such healthy and attractive treats if you really want to create the spa atmosphere.  If anything it will make you feel virtuous and a little less guilt ridden when you tuck into that takeaway later on.

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Enjoying one or two spa days in London could be the perfect way to celebrate your impending marriage.  Some pampering therapies and quality time with friends will have you saying goodbye to the single life in style and have you returning home relaxed and glowing ready for the big day.