The Best And Worst Jobs For Your Health

Every job has its good points and bad points and some jobs will simply be worse for your health than others. Job satisfaction and loving what you do for a living can help, but if you work in a high-risk job such as a police officer or as a fire fighter, as much as you may love your work, your health is always going to be at risk.

Some jobs come with known or common health problems, some of which we don’t even really think about and these can be managed with little thought and effort.

Sedentary Beings

For example, sitting at a desk for long periods of time can be just as bad for your back as lifting heavy weights, particularly if you don’t have good posture or if you have an inappropriate / ill-adjusted chair. Many desk workers also spend a lot of time staring at a screen and this, of course, has implications for your eyesight and can lead to headaches and even migraine. Even though we don’t associate desk jobs as being particularly high risk, they are in fact one of the worst jobs for your health. They are notoriously bad for your back, are associated with RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) and can also be incredibly stressful.

Hard Graft

Many manual labour jobs can be incredibly bad for your health too. Working with machinery or lifting heavy objects is risky work with more accidents and injuries being reported than in any other occupation.

It will come as no surprise that fitness instructor and similar jobs are considered some of the healthiest. Not only are they good for your physical health, but they are also good for your mental well being as you tend to interact positively with others who want your service. These types of jobs also tend to be low stress. Fitness instructors, particularly personal trainers, are also able to work more flexibly, choosing their hours to fit around other commitments such as family.

Health Benefits

Working for large organisations can also be good for your health. Even though you may sometimes feel more like a number than a person, particularly in very large companies, these employers tend to have better resources for looking after their staff. You may find that you will have access to private healthcare or to occupational health services that will be able to give you advice on how to keep healthy at work.

Working in healthcare can be rewarding, in more ways that one. Of course, there are stressful times and some hospital jobs are more stressful than others but overall, you are working in a job where you can have a real positive impact on other people’s lives. Hospital jobs in London are not going to be your cup of tea if you like your life quiet and uneventful, but for those who enjoy the buzz and excitement of the city and who like working with people from all walks of life, this can be a fantastically rewarding opportunity.

Of course, no matter what you do, loving your job will help. Health at work isn’t just about your physical well being but also about your mental welfare and enjoying your work can have immeasurable benefits.

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