Surprising Facts About Natural Wines

There is scientific proof that swapping your chemical rich red wines and white wines for natural wine alternatives could save your life this coming Christmas period.  Natural Wines contain naturally occurring compounds called natural phenols and polyphenols that work with the human bodies natural defense system to eliminate and reduce the effects of life threatening illnesses.

Heart disease, life-threatening cancers and neurological diseases could all be prevented and eliminated by choosing a natural alternative over rose wine.   People who are particularly sensitive to sulphites would benefit from stocking up on Natural Wines that contain very little trace, or none at all, of the additives and chemicals that are added to mass produced wines.   A lot of people are often taken aback by the obvious advantages of Natural Wine and if you haven’t tried Natural Wine you are definitely missing out.

The Label “Organic” Does Not Mean Natural

It seems that supermarkets have made purchasing a bottle of wine very confusing with the different labels and stickers that are dotted all over the packaging.  The “Organic” label is the worst offender as it is very deceptive and I think we have all bought something at one time or another under the false impression that it is “Organic” and free from additives and chemicals.  The truth is organically grown grapes are subject to the chemical treatments as the wines you find on the supermarket shelves and have as detrimental an effect on your body as mass-produced wines.

Natural Wine Is Still Alcoholic

You still should not drink and drive if you have had a few glasses of Natural Wine as the wine is still fermented and produced in the same way as regular wines just without the added sulphites and chemicals.  The skin of grapes contains a naturally occurring chemical compound called resveratrol and this is the key ingredient that protects your heart and reduces blood sugar in diabetics.

Be Kind to the Environment and Drink Natural Wine

Natural Wine is more environmentally friendly than mass produced wines as all grapes are hand-picked and the wine is handmade by wine artisans who have to farm the land for years and learn about the wine-making craft through hard work  perseverance and practice.   Manufacturers of mass-produced wines often spray their crops with harmful pesticides which have a huge environmental impact  so you will be doing mother earth a favor.

Natural Wines Have a Long Shelf Life

Natural Wines are called “Living Wines” or vin vivants for a reason according to the French.  They are chemical free and they can last a few months or twenty years, the taste will remain the same!  There is also the myth that natural wines are not as clear, often appear cloudy and have a cider taste to them.   Don’t let one person’s bad experience put you off!  Natural wines can be produced in an abundance of types, colors and varieties and even if it has a little bit of an image problem your body will be thanking you in the future.

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