What’s the Proper Way to Use a Pregnancy Test, Anyway?


Tips for Finding the Right Home Pregnancy Test

Missed your period? Feeling a bit nauseous and dizzy lately? If yes, then you may already be on the new, exciting, and nerve-wracking journey that is pregnancy. Read more

Who Says That Cleaning and Working out Can’t Go Hand-in-Hand?

To all the women out there who are practically terrified when the time for cleaning comes – there is a way to transform this task into something that is not actually that unpleasant. Combining cleaning and working out is possible. Read on and see for yourself. This can also be looked at as doing two things at the same time, which will reduce the time of implementation of each of them. It’s all in the way people perceive things. Focusing on the positive aspects of cleaning will make it much more bearable, and working out while doing it is the right perspective. Having a big imagination might also help in this situation. A little inventiveness is welcome as well. Boosting up your spirit is what’s required first. Read more

Natural Ways To Get More Sleep

A good number of people today do not get the amount of sleep necessary for their bodies to function optimally. The reason why this is so is because people are just too busy with work and in some cases studies. Understandably we all have to work to earn our keep, however it is vital to ensure that this is not done to the extent that the body is completely deprived of that much needed shut-eye.

It is recommended that everyone gets between seven and nine hours of sleep every night but this is rarely the case for most people. As a matter of fact, on average, Americans sleep for about six and a half hours every day of the year. Well, if you need help falling asleep, try as much as possible not to go for over the counter drugs as they are known to have quite a number of unpleasant side effects more so when used over an extended period of time. The good news is that there are natural remedies that will prove quite effective in getting you to sleep. Read more

Skin Care Regimen

How to Build Yourself the Perfect Skincare Regimen

At some point, you have probably looked in a magazine or seen someone in the flesh and almost gone green with envy at their beautiful looking skin. Then, like someone intent on joining a gym in the New Year only to attend on a handful of occasions and give up the ghost, you tell yourself that you are going to build yourself a great skincare routine so that you too have gorgeous skin. Read more

Surprising Facts About Natural Wines

There is scientific proof that swapping your chemical rich red wines and white wines for natural wine alternatives could save your life this coming Christmas period.  Natural Wines contain naturally occurring compounds called natural phenols and polyphenols that work with the human bodies natural defense system to eliminate and reduce the effects of life threatening illnesses. Continue Reading

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Cold weather brings in a sense of dullness and monotony which gets reflected on our skin too. The cold breeze, howling winds and warm rooms take away the moisture from our skins and make it look dull and dry. Irrespective of the quality of skin we possess, pale and dry patches start spoiling the glow on our faces. So here are few cool tips to retain the radiance no matter what the weather outside demands:

1. Revamp The Practices Favoring The Cold Weather

This is the first method one needs to take once the winter sets in. Working out the entire skin care regimen in accordance to the cold weather is like understanding the needs of our skin and maintaining it appropriately. Simple things like changing your soap bars to body washes, patting rather than rubbing while drying and applying moisturizers immediately after bath can effectively reduce the dryness caused. Also using humidifiers at bedtime during cold conditions helps your skin in retaining the glow. Read more

Tattoo Safety: Getting Them, Loving Them

You may have noticed that more and more people are using tattoos as forms of self-ornamentation and artistic expression. As the popularity of tattooing grows, you may be considering getting one…or two. Great! However, you should educate yourself on safety factors and potential psychological issues first.

Safety Concerns in the Tattoo World

Some folks are completely unaware of the safety risks that go along with getting body art. However, you would be wise to know accepted standards in the tattoo industry. Be aware that while the Food and Drug Administration monitors the type of ink used in tattoo parlors across the country, they do not regulate any other aspect of it. No certifications are required of tattoo artists by the FDA. Read more

Fun Ways To Stay Healthy Using Technology

Fun Ways To Stay Healthy Using Technology


In many ways, technology has become part of our lives. And because of this, many companies are coming up with gadgets that make our day to day activities easier. Some of these gadgets are actually useful when it comes to keeping track of our health, or use these when we’re doing exercises and managing our calorie intake. Read more

Pediatrics VS Orthodontics: The Scope and Services

Dentistry can be defined as the correct prevention, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of any type of diseases, disorders and conditions that affect the oral cavity and other related structures that are located within maxillofacial area. Read more

Stay Super Healthy On Vacation With 5 Easy To Follow Tips

When your vacation finally comes you are ready to jump on the airplane and have a massive blowout. You will probably want to stuff as much food and drink into your mouth that you can physically manage. It’s OK to have a little fun, but there’s no point going somewhere and having something bad happen: you get sick or your skin looks like it’s about to fall off. Stay healthy when you’re away. If you don’t know how, here are a few great tips for staying healthy when you’re on vacation.

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