Eat Your Way To A Healthier Smile

Everyday we’re told not to drink coffee, wine or eat too much fruit, and it can soon seem like everything is either bad for your health or your teeth; but did you know there are foods we eat every single day which can actually make our teeth healthier? No, well read on as we explain how you can eat your way to a healthier smile. Read more

A Little Look At Health Anxiety


Health Anxiety: A Silent Curse

Health is something most people tend to take for granted, until something goes wrong. But for others, worrying about their health unnecessarily is something in the nature of a disease by itself – suffers are likely to refer to it as ‘Health Anxiety’, since ‘Hypochondria’ has come to have such negative connotations. Health Anxiety is a distressing condition, since like Depression or other forms of Anxiety Disorder, it is difficult for the sufferer to overcome, however hard they try and however sincerely they want to. Read more

Three Advantages of a Good Night’s Sleep

With all the healthy eating and exercise advice that is handed out these days, it’s easy to forget that we also need our sleep. People who don’t sleep properly don’t function as well as they should at work and they are more likely to pick up infections than those who do. Human beings need sleep and it does no harm to remind ourselves of the advantages of a good night’s sleep. Read more

Staying Healthy With Seasonal Food

What are the benefits of eating food in season you might ask? Well the answer is quite simple really but we will cover this in more detail so you can understand the entire magnitude of why that is so. First of all we need to remember the best fruits and vegetables are the ones during their season and you simply can’t deny it. And why is that? Because the ones grown out of season are either the product of hydroponics or they are grown in isolated conditions where they don’t get the chance to experience the seasonal love of the sun and the open air. The best food is the one locally grown and in season from organic local farms. Read more

What’s so Healthy About Japanese Cuisine

Nowadays, tasting the flavor of the world is easier than it has ever been. Whenever one feels hungry, s/he can order Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican as well as many other types of ethnic meals from the relevant restaurant. However, the search for variety while still trying to eat health might turn out to be harder than expected. Read more

Through The Nose: Treating Apnea with Nasal Devices


Do Nasal Treatments Relieve Apnea Symptoms?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep apnea affects more than 18 million Americans. That represents a big market for product manufacturers who aim to target apneics using noninvasive nasal devices that are promoted as potential cures. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of science behind these claims; in fact, in certain instances, the science is against them. Read more

Can a Sports Chiropractor Help You Treat Your Injuries?


5 Ways a Sports Chiropractor Can Help You

The sound of a sports chiropractor may be new to you, and you are not sure if they can help you recover from those nasty sports injuries you have. But the thing is, you have been seeing a doctor for quite some time now and you think that it’s not helping. You want to give it a try but you’re reluctant. The good news is, you’re on the right track! It doesn’t matter if your injury is new or old, because a sports chiropractor can help you either way. Find out how by going through this article.

Complete and Natural Way to Heal Injuries

Chiropractic care has been proven to be a natural way to heal injuries. This is very different from medications as this can eliminate the root cause of the problem and not only the symptoms. Prescribed medicines address pain tolerance alone, and it will not be able to re-align dislocated joints or bones. Chiropractic care includes the chiropractor’s manual manipulation of your bones and joints to free them from nerve pressure. This will kick start the complete and natural healing of your injuries. Read more

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure that involves using ultrasound energy to lift, tone and tighten loose skin under the chin, brow and neck. This procedure also helps the skin produce more collagen. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, Ultherapy does not disturb the skin’s surface. Ultherapy has been approved by the FDA. Read more

The Benefits of Good Oral Health

Research studies indicate that good oral health is more important than ever before, with numerous research teams from all over the world confirming a link between poor oral health and poor general health. The mouth is often described by dentists as a window to the rest of the body, and a healthy mouth often indicates a healthy body. Oral health is important, not just for physical reasons, but also psychological and social reasons.

Strong, Healthy Teeth

If you take steps to look after your teeth and gums it is likely that you will enjoy good oral health. Most of us are familiar with toothache and pain caused by sensitivity and it’s not nice, but there are more serious problems such as gum disease, abscesses and decay that can develop as a result of neglecting oral hygiene.In some cases, Read more

Ear Symptoms are Heart Health Alerts

Ear Symptoms are Heart Health Alerts

Listen to Your Ears! Heart Health Linked to Ear Symptoms

It goes without saying that a healthy diet, exercise and regular check-ups all play an integral role in keeping your body healthy and tackling health risks before they become a problem; however, your body also has subtle warning signals that could alert you to health risks. Certain ear symptoms can serve as indications of a larger underlying problem, so pay attention to what your ears are trying to tell you and you could save yourself a lot of medical trouble and expense in the long run: Read more