How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for The Fuller Figure

Like chocolates, women come in all shapes and sizes. And finding sexy lingerie that flatters your figure (without resorting to turning out the lights or sticking on granny pants), can be a pain. Read more

Why Buy? DIY! 3 Homemade Lotion Recipes

You can certainly go to your local store and pick up some lotion, but expect to pay a pretty penny if you want a name brand with good quality. Unfortunately lotions get more and more expensive with name brands and with quality ingredients, which is why so many people buy cheap lotion. If you want to save money while still putting something nourishing on your skin, then making your own lotion is a great choice. Read more

How to Go From an 8 to a 10

Easy Tricks to Make Yourself Much More Attractive

All of us want to be attractive and to feel good about the way we look, and often we’re willing to go to extreme lengths to accomplish that – spending money on expensive and painful surgery, or buying ridiculous quantities of moisturizer and other products for a skin care routine. Read more

Top Beauty Secrets to Give Your Eyes a Brightening Boost

A succession of late nights and early starts can take their toll on our eyes, leaving them looking puffy and dull. It’s popularly believed that tired eyes are one of the main reasons why people appear older and haggard, so it’s never been more important to give eyes a boost. But if you can’t find an extra hour’s sleep, follow these simple tips to awaken dull eyes to help you look fresh and bright every day. Read more

Working Out in Style – The Zinio App and Viewing Digital Magazines During Workouts

Reading during workouts can be a great incentive for those who aren’t used to intense fitness exercises or using treadmills for extended periods of time. Fortunately, technological advancements present us with better ways to enjoy our workouts through the use of gadgets such as iPhones, Androids, or tablet PCs and quality apps designed to enhance user experience while reading. Read more

A Mom’s Guide To Helping Your Child Stay in Great Shape Until They Reach College

If your child is a little overweight at the moment you need to do something about it. The main reason you should help them stay in shape is because they deserve the chance to decide what to do with their own body when they are older. Right now they are far too young and obviously love cake and chocolate too much. They shouldn’t have to spend a year of their life losing weight when they get to college. Even if they decide to drink and eat too much in the future at least it’s their choice. Read more

Understanding The Science Behind Beauty – And How You Can Use It To Your Advantage

Poets, philosophers and writers have all mused at some point on the nature of beauty, but none of them have ever quite managed to pin it down. Whether describing an incredible view, a rose or a pretty face it’s hard to know precisely what it is that makes those things beautiful and why they provoke the reactions in us that they do. Read more

Winter Hair Care Tips

Wintertime is a nice and joyful time – snowflakes dancing in the air, the cold biting our skin and also affecting the overall quality of our hair. Without proper care your hair may feel brittle and tired during the cold season. You can do a whole lot for it, knowing the way to do it.
Read more

Does Your Culture Determine What You Eat?

Comparing Chinese and American Diets

It’s a commonly held belief amongst people of western society that Chinese food is healthy, and indeed Chinese restaurants are extremely popular in the west. However, it’s a commonly held belief amongst Chinese people that most of the food being served in those restaurants isn’t Chinese. Read more

Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery

Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery

Many people believe contact lenses offer a safer option than getting laser eye surgery, however doctors have raised arguments for and against on both sides. Read more