Natural Ways To Get More Sleep

A good number of people today do not get the amount of sleep necessary for their bodies to function optimally. The reason why this is so is because people are just too busy with work and in some cases studies. Understandably we all have to work to earn our keep, however it is vital to ensure that this is not done to the extent that the body is completely deprived of that much needed shut-eye.

It is recommended that everyone gets between seven and nine hours of sleep every night but this is rarely the case for most people. As a matter of fact, on average, Americans sleep for about six and a half hours every day of the year. Well, if you need help falling asleep, try as much as possible not to go for over the counter drugs as they are known to have quite a number of unpleasant side effects more so when used over an extended period of time. The good news is that there are natural remedies that will prove quite effective in getting you to sleep.

Calcium and Magnesium

These two minerals are known to be quite effective in boosting sleep. Individually they can both work quite well to help you fall asleep but when taken together then you can be sure of even better results. You are probably worried that taking calcium could increase your chances of suffering from cardiac problems; well that is exactly why should take both calcium and magnesium together. This is because magnesium is known for its ability to eliminate the risk of calcium related heart issues.

Yoga and Meditation

In order for you to sleep you need to be fully relaxed; anxiety and restlessness will definitely keep you up all night. A very effective way of getting your body to relax is engaging in Yoga or meditation. As you might be aware, Yoga comes in quite a number of variations from the very vigorous to the very relaxed. Obviously, you should go for the latter since the former will only get your heart rate up and as a result you might end up staying awake deep into the night. All you need to do is lightly stretch your body to relieve tension; concentrate on your breathing and let your body relax.


Natural Ways To Get More SleepThis particular remedy will prove quite helpful to people who suffer from insomnia. A lot of research has gone into this particular sleep remedy and it has been determined that Valerian is capable of three things: improving deep sleep; increasing the speed at which one falls asleep and enhancing the quality of sleep. It is however important to note that Valerian has been proven to yield the best results over an extended period of time. One minor issue is that for every ten people who use Valerian one will experience increased energy levels. Obviously this is really not helpful if you want to fall asleep. For those who fall under this category it is recommended that you only take it during the day.

Wild lettuce

This particular remedy is known for a number of healing abilities especially among people suffering from headaches and also muscular/ joint pains. In relation to sleep, wild lettuce is quite effective in anxiety reduction and it can also calm you down when you are feeling restless. When your body and mind are at peace then sleep will come quite naturally.


If you drink beer every now and then you are probably all too familiar with hops. People drink beer and other alcoholic drinks for different reasons and key among them is relaxation. It is the alcohol in the beer that plays a major role in relaxing the mind but so do the hops contained therein. Most people fall asleep after drinking beer without much effort; this does not however mean that you should drink every time you want to fall asleep. Just get one of the ingredients (hops) responsible for that calming feeling and take it just before you embark on your journey to slumber land.

These natural remedies will get the job done probably as well as Over the Counter sleep medication. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about addiction and negative side effects that are all too common with pharmaceutical sleep boosters.