Keratin Treatment

Is a Keratin Treatment Right for Your Hair?

Keratin treatments are all the rage right now at hair salons across the country. All kinds of women are looking to keratin treatments to improve the health and quality of their hair. And they’re shelling out big bucks to do it – usually no less than $300 per treatment, and treatments only last a few months. If you’re going to get a keratin treatment, you want to make sure you’ll get the results you desire. You certainly can’t afford to throw away a few hundred dollars in seek of beauty. Is a keratin treatment right for your hair?

Is Your Hair Frizzy?

People with frizzy hair are excellent candidates for keratin treatments. Heat damage over the years from blow drying and styling causes an increase in frizz. This is actually caused by our hair losing the natural keratin it has. To restore the essential protein, keratin formulas are applied to hair and then flat ironed in place. After a keratin treatment, people with frizzy hair find that their frizz problem is solved. Their hair is smoother than it ever was before, and it stays that way with relatively little effort.

Is Your Hair Coarse and Curly?

If you have coarse, thick, curly hair, a keratin treatment might also benefit you. When the keratin is restored in your hair, it will be smooth and healthy again. It will also stay straight. If you spend a lot of time flat ironing your hair every day because you hate your curls, a keratin treatment would help dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend doing your hair. Most people find that they can just blow dry their hair for a few minutes, and it will dry straight and smooth on its own.

Do Heat, Humidity, and Moisture Ruin Your Hair?

After you’ve spent so much time fixing your hair, do you avoid going outside in the rain or heat as much as possible? The instant you step outside in the heat, humidity, or rain, your style will be gone, and your unmanageable, frizzy, curly hair will return. This is very frustrating, especially for people who live in particularly humid or rainy climates. Keratin treatments will ensure that the elements don’t impact your hair. Your style will stand up to them all, and you’ll be free to roam beautifully no matter what the weather is like outside.

Does Your Styling Routine Take Too Long?

Lots of women spend way too much time in front of the mirror every day doing their hair. For some women, it can take hours to achieve the managed look they want. This is precious time wasted that could be spent on the much more enjoyable things that life has to offer. A long styling routine can be exhausting. A keratin treatment will solve this problem for you. Most women say that after a keratin treatment, their hair dries faster than it ever did before, and it requires no flat ironing. Your beauty routine could be reduced from two hours to two minutes, and that’s incredible.

Image Credit: KERAINFUSION | Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

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