Skin Care Regimen

How to Build Yourself the Perfect Skincare Regimen

At some point, you have probably looked in a magazine or seen someone in the flesh and almost gone green with envy at their beautiful looking skin. Then, like someone intent on joining a gym in the New Year only to attend on a handful of occasions and give up the ghost, you tell yourself that you are going to build yourself a great skincare routine so that you too have gorgeous skin.

You don’t need me to tell you what happens next, as it falls flat and you think “what’s the point?” The problem for many people is that having great skin is a lot like going to the gym. You want instant results to keep your morale and motivation high, and despite knowing this is unrealistic, you allow yourself to become disheartened and give up the ghost when, in reality, you were probably right on the cusp of seeing positive results. We looked at how you can build yourself a winning skincare regimen and get the type of skin complexion that will cause others to cast envious glances in your direction.

Commitment to the Cause

The first thing you need to get clear in your head is the level of commitment you will need in order to achieve great skin. You may have thought that you can just go down to the local store and buy up some of the higher end cosmetics products, use them when you remember to over a period of a few weeks and see a real difference in how you look in this time frame. Reality could not be more different from perception, in this instance.

Achieving a healthy glow and a clear complexion is going to feel like a full-time job from here on out. Not just while you’re working towards it, either, but when you have reached a stage where you are happy it needs to be an on-going commitment. If you can do that, then half the battle is won. You’re committed to the cause, now you just need the tools to do the job. 

Putting It All Together

Once you have mentally prepared yourself for the task ahead of achieving great skin complexion, you can begin to piece together everything you need for your quality regimen.  I’d always recommend buying new products and starting over from scratch, including things like face cloths and towels. Go for something really indulgent and exclusive feeling, so that your skincare regimen feels like it is something special and holds value and meaning. As a minimum, you should look to have the following practices included in your skincare regimen.

  • Cleansing morning and night, during the day when necessary and if possible
  • Moisturizing after each cleanse
  • Toning in conjunction with moisturizing
  • Exfoliating on a weekly basis, or more regularly depending on your skin type
  • Sporadic deep treatments, such as mud masks

Well, we told you it would be a commitment, didn’t we? Although that may seem like a lot and be intimidating and time consuming at first glance, once you are into the routine it will feel easy. Once you start to see the results, it won’t matter a jot.

Finding a Brand

Like lingerie or shoes, a good skincare and cosmetics brand, one which suits you, can be extremely difficult to find. Before embarking on your new regimen, ensure that you take the time to thoroughly research the different brands in the market, head to a store where you can try out different products from different brands, and look on the internet for user reviews of each brand’s products. Once you find a great brand that works for you and you are comfortable using, stick with it for the long term. Chopping and changing will simply leave your complexion running around in circles without ever getting any better. For the sake of your new skincare regimen, be thorough and decisive in order to see the best results.

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