get in shape and find your soul mate

Getting Into Shape and Getting the Partner You Want

The desire to get into shape is a largely universal thing, and it seems that all of us want to burn fat, build muscle and improve our body shape. At the same time the reasons for wanting to do this are often somewhat similar too, and if you want to meet a partner and be happy in love, then often this is a great motivator to get on the treadmill or to get lifting weights. Here we will look at how to get the partner you want by working out, and how it can affect every aspect of your life.

Looks Are Skin Deep

It might seem shallow to suggest that you need to workout in order to find yourself a partner, but unfortunately this is essentially the reality. While you can meet someone and be very happy looking overweight and out of shape, this is unfortunately simply more difficult than achieving the same thing when you are in good shape. Imagine you see someone across a crowded bar or club – you could be the funniest person in the world with the kindest heart, but all they will have to go on is your looks and so based on that they might never discover your personality.

At the same time our looks send signs that work on a very basic level and that are tied in with our evolution and very difficult to override. If you appear to be in good shape and if you look strong, fit and toned, then this will communicate to potential partners that you are made of good genetic material and that as such you would be able to help provide the best genetics for potential children. When you think about it that way, it couldn’t really be less shallow.

The Law of Attraction

What you also need to realise though is that working out and getting into shape won’t just improve your looks and tone up your biceps, rather it will also help to improve your personality and the way you act.

The reason for this is that you are going to be feeling more confident and more on top of the world. When you feel strong and energetic this is a natural reaction and it makes us feel better about ourselves. This in turn subtly affects the way we present ourselves as we walk taller and speak with more authority – and that’s something that makes the opposite sex stand up and take notice. There are few things sexier than confidence, and this becomes a virtuous cycle that leads you to go up and up.

What Women and Men Want

So how do you get the body that men and women are after? Well of course men and women want different things, but the general idea for men is to build muscle and size and to cut down on bodyfat. Try to develop an inverted triangle physique so that your lats and shoulders are significantly wider than your hips and waist. Meanwhile build yourself a firm chest, big arms and flat abs and the women will be swooning (don’t forget your legs though as noodle legs are unattractive). For women the goal is more hourglass. You will want to tone up your abs, buttocks and arms in order to look firm and lean, and you’ll want to burn excess fat so that your abs are looking flat. Don’t go overboard though and burn away all your fat or you’ll lose your curves which send all the right signals to men.

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