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With over 1,000 workouts & 7,000+ fitness images & videos to choose from, FitnessTrainer, featuring Plus Access, gives you the edge. Track & log all your workout stats, record body measurements and chart your progress. Then bring out that competitive side and compare results with friends on the new FitnessFeed. With FitnessTrainer you can say goodbye to limitations. Click the play button below to see why FitnessTrainer is a No-Brainer!

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Workout anytime, anywhere with your portable, affordable personal trainer.

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The Workouts...

Choose Or Build Your Workouts, Then Track Your Progress

Have a specific goal? It’s time to ditch the failed resolutions and start on a track of actual results.

Choose It

With hundreds of step-by-step workouts, break down those long-term ambitions into effective daily sessions.

Build It

Looking to create your own plan? The drag & drop library features over 7,000 exercise images & videos. Filter exercises based on body part, equipment and category. Customize to optimize your plan and performance.

Track It

Strength & Cardio tracking, previous workout history, rep max calcs, per set notes and more.

Sync It

Your workout data is precious, so you'll want it protected. With auto-backup, your account automatically saves to the cloud and multiple devices.

Share It

You're finally seeing results! You deserve bragging rights. Share and compare workouts with friends using email, Facebook and Twitter.

Print It

Go old school - for those that want to leave the tech at home, simply print workout PDFs complete with images, tips and tracking.

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Workout anytime, anywhere with your portable, affordable personal trainer.

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Here's what some of our FitnessTrainer members are saying...

"Superb Application and well worth the price"

"The number of exercises available, the clear photographs, the helpful videos, the logging and the categorization of exercised makes this nearly as effective as having a personal trainer. Think of the cost of just one session with a trainer and the value of this program becomes evident. Whether you are using a set routine based upon your fitness level or creating your own routine by choosing exercises from the extensive library, you will be pleased at the ease of use and quality of results.

Customer support is individualized and prompt. I have had my iPhone for nearly a year and with 160 apps, this is the first recommendation I have felt compelled to write. If you are serious about getting in shape, this program is clearly the best."


"Pays for itself the first time you workout"

"...this app has dramatically changed my workouts for the better. It is like having your own trainer who knows exactly what you want. You can quickly choose form a ton of easy to follow routines with clear, simple directions, big photos and videos for each exercise.

You can also create your own routines based on the muscles you want to work and the equipment/machines available, I've taken this to the gym and it's just as easy as listening to music. No more trying to remember the exercise you wrote down or doing the same thing you always do. It's right there with a big photo and directions."


"Great Fitness App"

"Love the app. Very easy to use and customize workouts. The ability to choose which equipment you have is excellent since I workout at home. Super easy to track workouts and the videos are very helpful to see the proper form."


"Cheap Personal Trainer"

"I had been working with a personal trainer but I couldn't afford another round with her... I had been going to the gym alone but I was overwhelmed by it. Most of the time I didn't know where to start and if I had worked out the area correctly. The step by step directions take you through a great workout where ever you are. I'm so excited about this app and I can't wait to see what goals I can reach on my own!!!"


Desktop & Mobile Ready

Step 1: Choose or Build Your Workout...

Step 2: Log Your Progress...

Step 3: Get Buff!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Why should I pay a yearly subscription for an app?

Can you help me with my fitness related questions?

I am a Fitness Professional. Can I use FitnessTrainer with my clients/patients?

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Workout anytime, anywhere with your portable, affordable personal trainer.

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