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The Numbers Don't Lie

With over 1,000 workouts & 7,000+ fitness images & videos to choose from, FitnessTrainer Access gives you the edge. Track & log all your workout stats, record body measurements and chart your progress. Then bring out that competitive side and compare results with friends on the new FitnessFeed. With FitnessTrainer Access, say goodbye to limitations.


Have a specific goal? With hundreds of step-by-step workouts, break down those long-term ambitions into effective daily sessions. It’s time to ditch the failed resolutions and start on a track of actual results.

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Looking to create your own plan? The drag & drop library features over 7,000 exercise images & videos. Filter exercises based on body part, equipment and category. Customize to optimize your plan and performance.

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You deserve bragging rights. Share and compare workouts with friends using email, Facebook and Twitter.

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Your workout data is precious, so you'll want it protected. With auto-backup, your account automatically saves to the cloud and multiple devices.

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Go old school – for those that want to leave the tech at home, simply print workout PDFs complete with images, tips and tracking.


Log It

Strength & Cardio tracking, previous workout history, rep max calcs, per set notes and more.

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