Black Widow Spider

Dangerous Spiders in the United States

People are generally very frightened by spiders and it is their appearance that makes them so terrifying. More than 3500 species of spiders live in the United States but there are only a few spider species that are considered dangerous. Spiders are not commonly aggressive, but if they feel threatened, they certainly will bite. All spiders are venomous but they usually can not harm a human being because they do not have enough venom to do so. That being said, we have to mention the fact that some spider species in the US can produce a harmful, sometimes potentially life threatening bite. Here are some of those spiders:

Brown Recluse Spider:

The brown recluse is mostly tan to medium brown in color. It is a specific species because it only has six eyes, unlike the usual eight eyes in other spiders. This spider is a highly venomous one and its bite can leave serious damage to the skin. Its bite may cause a tissue destroying symptom and severe necrosis. This spider can be found worldwide and all the way from the west to the east coast in the US. It majorly inhabits the southern states.

Black Widow Spider:

The black widow is a highly venomous, potentially life threatening spider. Its bite is usually very painful and causes severe consequences such as nausea, dizziness and diarrhea, and it can even be fatal, especially when it comes to persons with a weakened immune system: children and the elderly. Luckily, there is anti-venom available for this spider’s bite so immediate medical attention is crucial when a person was bitten. Of course, only females are dangerous, and they can be recognized by a marking on the underside of the abdomen in the shape of a red hourglass. They prefer dark and secluded areas so it is best not to explore such places if there is no necessity for it.

Hobo Spider:

A hobo spider’s bite is not a painful one but it can cause serious damage. The bite can turn into a blister which leaves an open ulceration after breaking. One way to recognize this spider’s bite is by the redness around the bitten area combined with the most frequent symptom: headache. There can also be nausea and dizziness, along with vision disturbances and short term memory loss. These spiders are brown and the males can be easily distinguished from females by their two big mouth parts. They can be found in the northwestern region of the United States.

Common Sac Spider:

Its bite is usually mistaken for the brown recluse’s one. The symptoms of common sac spider bite are similar to the one of the brown recluse spider. They develop in the same way, but are much less dangerous. In either case, it is important to seek medical attention since the bite may cause secondary infections. Most symptoms improve in a very short period of time through the usage of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Female and Male Mouse Spider:

Mouse spiders are venomous and can inflict a highly painful bite. They are especially dangerous to young children since their venom may cause severe illness. They are not aggressive but they bite if they feel threatened. Prompt medical attention is highly needed when it comes to this spider’s bite. We can distinguish the male mouse spider from the female by its bright red head. They can usually be found on the ground, especially after rain.

Black House Spiders:

The black house spiders are venomous but their bite is not lethal. They usually inflict a rather painful bite, followed by the symptoms such as: nausea, headaches, heavy sweating and muscle pains. They prefer being in secluded areas such as gutters and window frames.

We can also mention the wolf spider here. It is not highly dangerous to humans but it can inflict a highly painful bite and the bitten person often requires prompt medical attention. It can be found around the home in garden areas.

There are other spiders that are dangerous to humans in the US, such as the brown widow, but this spider is not as dangerous as the black widow since it does not bite as aggressively as the black widow, nor has enough venom to cause such serious damage. They prefer the warmer parts of the United States. Nevertheless, this spider, even though not that highly venomous, still may cause damage to human beings.