Pediatrics VS Orthodontics: The Scope and Services

Dentistry can be defined as the correct prevention, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of any type of diseases, disorders and conditions that affect the oral cavity and other related structures that are located within maxillofacial area. Read more

Top Six Tips For Eye Health


Six Things You Can Do For Healthy Eyes

People often neglect their eyes, however they are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. That’s why we have eye lids, lashes and tear ducts that secrete moisture.  These are all biological mechanisms to protect your eyes.  But the body can’t take care of itself alone, so take an active stance and protect your eyes with these six steps.

1. Adjust Your Work Station

If you look at a computer all day, ask your employer to provide a protective screen for the monitor. Also, for old-fashioned monitors, ensure that the refresh rate is the fastest speed. This will reduce the amount of flicker on the screen and therefore be better for the eyes. Continue Reading

Causes Of Autism

Over recent years, many theories about the causes of autism have been put forward, yet at present we have no definitive answer as to the question. Commonly known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, and covering many different degrees of symptoms experienced by sufferers, the condition affects lots of children every year, who continue to have the symptoms into adulthood. Read more

The Best And Worst Jobs For Your Health

Every job has its good points and bad points and some jobs will simply be worse for your health than others. Job satisfaction and loving what you do for a living can help, but if you work in a high-risk job such as a police officer or as a fire fighter, as much as you may love your work, your health is always going to be at risk.

Some jobs come with known or common health problems, some of which we don’t even really think about and these can be managed with little thought and effort. Read more

10 Steps Towards A Great Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is crucial for maintaining focus and attention and preparing the body for the day ahead. Of course, with everyday work and stress countering a healthy lifestyle, it’s not always easy to get to sleep or create the right environment for a solid night of rest. With this in mind, here are some quick tips to help bring about a more effective bed time routine. Read more

5 Signs of Cancerous Skin Moles

Skin moles are very common and generally aren’t issues for most people, but they can be cancerous in some cases. Even moles that were healthy in the past can become cancerous as a result of sun exposure and genetics. It’s always extremely important for people to see their doctor once per year so they can get their moles checked out professionally. In the meantime, there are five signs of cancerous skin moles anyone can check for. Read more

Will Obamacare Affect Your Prescriptions?

Will Obamacare Affect Your Prescriptions?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, coined Obamacare, brings changes to the face of healthcare. The act is a multifaceted bill that covers a number of healthcare issues, including prescription rebates and the availability of generic drugs from medication carts. Obamacare is primarily about providing everyone with affordable health insurance, but there will be some new regulations regarding prescription medication might affect cost. Continue Reading

The Picture of Health in the US

The cost of health care continues to rise while Americans struggle to get basic medical care. Additionally, rising health care costs affect private individuals as well as government agencies. When health care is inaccessible, a minor illness becomes a major health crisis and cost more to treat. Affordable preventative care would be a more cost-effective. Read more

Black Widow Spider

Dangerous Spiders in the United States

People are generally very frightened by spiders and it is their appearance that makes them so terrifying. More than 3500 species of spiders live in the United States but there are only a few spider species that are considered dangerous. Spiders are not commonly aggressive, but if they feel threatened, they certainly will bite. All spiders are venomous but they usually can not harm a human being because they do not have enough venom to do so. That being said, we have to mention the fact that some spider species in the US can produce a harmful, sometimes potentially life threatening bite. Here are some of those spiders: Read more

A Forgotten Study That Could Affect Your Health

In September of 1999, Mayo Clinic researchers announced something that should have forever changed the way your physician responds to the condition known as chronic sinusitis. The symptoms of this familiar malady are:

  • Headaches
  • Stuffy nose
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Persistent cough and postnasal drip

Every family physician is familiar with the condition. Unfortunately, there is normally little that can be offered in the way of a cure. The usual treatment is antibiotics and decongestants, but the success rate is marginal at best. Deal with it. Read more