Causes Of Autism

Over recent years, many theories about the causes of autism have been put forward, yet at present we have no definitive answer as to the question. Commonly known as Autistic Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, and covering many different degrees of symptoms experienced by sufferers, the condition affects lots of children every year, who continue to […]

Will Obamacare Affect Your Prescriptions?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, coined Obamacare, brings changes to the face of healthcare. The act is a multifaceted bill that covers a number of healthcare issues, including prescription rebates and the availability of generic drugs from medication carts. Obamacare is primarily about providing everyone with affordable health insurance, but there will be […]

The Picture of Health in the US

The cost of health care continues to rise while Americans struggle to get basic medical care. Additionally, rising health care costs affect private individuals as well as government agencies. When health care is inaccessible, a minor illness becomes a major health crisis and cost more to treat. Affordable preventative care would be a more cost-effective.

A Forgotten Study That Could Affect Your Health

In September of 1999, Mayo Clinic researchers announced something that should have forever changed the way your physician responds to the condition known as chronic sinusitis. The symptoms of this familiar malady are: Headaches Stuffy nose Itchy, watery eyes Persistent cough and postnasal drip Every family physician is familiar with the condition. Unfortunately, there is […]