Keeping Fit for Free

A monthly or yearly gym subscription isn’t something everyone can afford. You also might not feel you’re getting your money’s worth if you’re not the type to attend the various fad-fitness classes that gyms offer or are on too tight a schedule to fit these in. Luckily, gym isn’t your only alternative. Keeping fit at home is a perfectly viable option, as long as you have the motivation. Read more


Is It Safe To Use Herbal Diet Teas for Weight Loss?

The Long Term Health Effects of Herbal Diet Teas

Today there are numerous companies that promote their own herbal concoction, which they refer to as herbal diet tea. They all claim that the tea does not only have the ability to enhance users’ metabolic rate, but it will also curb their appetite. But what are the main ingredients in these teas? How do they affect a dieter’s body? And can you really benefit from their regular consumption? Read more

How My iPhone Helped Me Lose 14 Pounds and Counting!

Like many people I have an addiction to technology.  I love my gadgets.  My iPhone is my constant companion.  I have 146 apps, 93 of which are actually installed on my iPhone (I remove ones I don’t think I’ll be using much).  I’m sure there are others out there who have many more than me, but some may think I’m a bit extreme.  Anyhow, when I decided that 2012 was going to the year that I got really serious about my weight loss and fitness, I just knew there had to be an app for that!  To my delight, there are actually several great apps out there, but after trying several different ones, I settled on three that worked best for me.  Yes, three.  Let me explain how easy it is, though. Read more

get in shape and find your soul mate

Getting Into Shape and Getting the Partner You Want

The desire to get into shape is a largely universal thing, and it seems that all of us want to burn fat, build muscle and improve our body shape. At the same time the reasons for wanting to do this are often somewhat similar too, and if you want to meet a partner and be happy in love, then often this is a great motivator to get on the treadmill or to get lifting weights. Here we will look at how to get the partner you want by working out, and how it can affect every aspect of your life.

Looks Are Skin Deep

It might seem shallow to suggest that you need to workout in order to find yourself a partner, but unfortunately this is essentially the reality. While you can meet someone and be very happy looking overweight and out of shape, this is unfortunately simply more difficult than achieving the same thing when you are in good shape.  Read more

Look Sexy This Summer: Top 5 Weight Loss Foods

Summertime is one of the best times to start up a new diet plan and to start eating healthier.  Not only will you have more motivation when it comes time to show off your bod at the pool or the beach, but summer is when you have more choices for fresh fruits and vegetables.  During the cold, winter season, you might have been able to get away with layering up and skipping fruits and veggies, but with summer rolling around, you have no more excuses! Continue Reading

African Mango Plus Reviews

African Mango Plus Review

Are you trying to trim your waistline and kiss those extra inches goodbye? We all know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make those pounds fly off of your body, yet we still search for something that will give us an extra “kick” to help accelerate fat loss. Let’s be real – the market is riddled with thousands of weight loss products; however, one of them has the proven power to attack fat and strip it right from your body. It’s a little secret called African Mango Plus – an all natural fat loss supplement that is guaranteed to strip fat away from the toughest areas and give you the boost you need to get rid of it quick! If you are tired of unwanted fat running your life and truly want to blast your fat away and increase your energy levels, now is the time to make a change. Keep on reading to see why African Mango Plus is the right fit for you and your fat loss goals and how it can change your life. Continue Reading