Looking Cute For Spring Break

While winter’s bitter grip may have a hold on most of the country, warmer times are on the way, as the warm thaw of spring’s rising temperatures will officially arrive on March 20th. For those of you in high school, the coming warm weather will also bring with it fun times with your spring break and senior class trip. But this means, beginning the process of deciding what to wear! Oddly enough, now is the best time to start clothes shopping for your spring vacations. Below, you will find some advice to help make sure you look your best for spring. Read more

Brands To Watch Out For: Claus Porto

If you haven’t heard of Claus Porto before then we’re very excited to be introducing one of the oldest and most prestigious body product brands around that we know you’ll fall in love with… Read more

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure that involves using ultrasound energy to lift, tone and tighten loose skin under the chin, brow and neck. This procedure also helps the skin produce more collagen. Unlike many other cosmetic procedures, Ultherapy does not disturb the skin’s surface. Ultherapy has been approved by the FDA. Read more

A Beginner's Guide to Eyebrow Threading

A Beginner’s Guide to Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading (also known as epilation) is a new craze that is taking beauty salons and shopping malls across the country by storm.

I like (need might be the more optimal word here) to get my eyebrows threaded at least twice a month. The lovely lady at the shop I visit speaks no English and we usually enjoy a nice and silent, albeit eye-wateringly painful, 7 minutes together as she tackles my unruly brows, using this traditional hair removal technique.

This process originated in Asia and is a quick and simple craft that precisely removes unwanted and stray facial hairs. It is all the rage with celebs such as Coleen Rooney, Liv Tyler and Jennifer Aniston. Even Kate Middleton swears by it! Read more

The Last Night of a Single Girl – Make it Amazing

Whether you call them wedding showers or hen parties, once that date for the wedding has been set there are just as many plans made that are aimed at getting the girls together for one last night of freedom, as there are plans made for the big day itself.  One of the biggest decisions that they all have to make between them though is what they are going to do to celebrate their friends last few days as an unmarried woman.  Celebrations vary between cultures of course and in some cultures there are religious traditions and rites that need to be observed, however most young women see it as an excuse to let their hair down and go wild for a while. Read more

Skin Care Regimen

How to Build Yourself the Perfect Skincare Regimen

At some point, you have probably looked in a magazine or seen someone in the flesh and almost gone green with envy at their beautiful looking skin. Then, like someone intent on joining a gym in the New Year only to attend on a handful of occasions and give up the ghost, you tell yourself that you are going to build yourself a great skincare routine so that you too have gorgeous skin. Read more

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Cold Weather Skin Care Tips

Cold weather brings in a sense of dullness and monotony which gets reflected on our skin too. The cold breeze, howling winds and warm rooms take away the moisture from our skins and make it look dull and dry. Irrespective of the quality of skin we possess, pale and dry patches start spoiling the glow on our faces. So here are few cool tips to retain the radiance no matter what the weather outside demands:

1. Revamp The Practices Favoring The Cold Weather

This is the first method one needs to take once the winter sets in. Working out the entire skin care regimen in accordance to the cold weather is like understanding the needs of our skin and maintaining it appropriately. Simple things like changing your soap bars to body washes, patting rather than rubbing while drying and applying moisturizers immediately after bath can effectively reduce the dryness caused. Also using humidifiers at bedtime during cold conditions helps your skin in retaining the glow. Read more

Tattoo Safety: Getting Them, Loving Them

You may have noticed that more and more people are using tattoos as forms of self-ornamentation and artistic expression. As the popularity of tattooing grows, you may be considering getting one…or two. Great! However, you should educate yourself on safety factors and potential psychological issues first.

Safety Concerns in the Tattoo World

Some folks are completely unaware of the safety risks that go along with getting body art. However, you would be wise to know accepted standards in the tattoo industry. Be aware that while the Food and Drug Administration monitors the type of ink used in tattoo parlors across the country, they do not regulate any other aspect of it. No certifications are required of tattoo artists by the FDA. Read more

Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy: Safety & Regrowth Facts

Pregnant women are often given conflicting advice. They’re told not to take certain medications, but they’re never told why. Well-meaning friends and family members warn against too much exertion, while medical professionals recommend physical activity. Everyone – from medical professionals to bloggers to yoga teachers – offers advice on what to eat, what cosmetics to avoid, etc. Read more

Aishwarya Rai

Blue Eyes Versus Brown: Finding the Epitome of Beauty

Aishwarya Rai is an Indian beauty with striking blue-green eyes. But, would she be the Miss World and Bollywood’s darling if she had dark eyes? Would she have taken on Hollywood and won? Perhaps yes and perhaps no. It’s a conundrum that can’t be answered simply. Read more