Beauty Secrets: Going Frugal And Natural

With a frugal price tag but a product of salon quality, some beauty products for your teeth, hair and skin can actually be found in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. Looking good just got a little less expensive and a lot more natural!

Caring for Your Skin and Teeth Inexpensively and Naturally


A bath with powdered milk can leave you with skin that is baby soft. Adding powdered milk to your bath water is not only less expensive but better for you than pricey, extravagant bath beads. Ever heard of having egg on your face? Ordinarily that’s not something we want to have happen. Who knew that it could be the best thing for your skin? Silky and soft facial skin can be just an egg bath away. By applying an egg to your face and allowing it to dry completely, then rinsing it off with slightly warm water, you have done more for your face and you could ever imagine.

Got freckles? Coconut oil and pumpkin seeds in the right combination can work wonders as an anti freckle treatment. What’s worse; freckles or wrinkles? Reducing wrinkles no longer has to consist of lotions and expensive creams. By smashing seedless grapes into a natural and simple solution, and then applying it to your neck and face at least one time every day, you can achieve a more wrinkle free and softer skin surface. An extraordinarily dual purpose food, avocado, can be made into not only a number of hair treatment products but a facial mask as well.

In general, when it comes to skincare, start from the inside out. Eating right not only helps your body and mind but helps your skin, too. The omegas found in oily fish and antioxidants such as those found in tomatoes should be a regular part of your diet, particularly if you have skin issues. Keep hydrated and try hard to steer clear of fatty foods (the bad fats—not the omegas), sugary foods and sodas made with sugar.

Since we’re on the topic of sugar, less sugar is going to help your teeth as well. What color are strawberries? What color are your teeth supposed to be? Who knew that putting together red strawberries with white teeth would make your teeth even whiter? Some professional, repeated teeth whitening treatments can actually be bad for you, not to mention bad for your budget. The good news is that strawberries can help. The pulp from the strawberries should be gently rubbed on your teeth in order to remove stubborn stains from your teeth. Strawberries are actually quite utilitarian in other beauty treatments as well.

Caring for Your Hair and Scalp


All that fun in the sun, chlorine, saltwater, curling iron and applications of harsh chemical treatments and sprays that you subjected your hair to all summer long are going to make your hair pay, in a big way. How can you restore it frugally and naturally? Vanilla extract, chocolate extract, almond extract, coconut milk, chopped pumpkin, coconut oil and vegetable oil together and warmed, when applied to your hair, can refurbish dried out hair and bring back its sheen. This can be kept for up to five days in your refrigerator for reuse. Brown sugar and olive oil mixed together and massaged into your wet scalp as a paste will help with an itchy scalp and dandruff.

Shampoos and conditioners can be found at relatively reasonable prices these days, but lord only knows what’s in them. For an inexpensive and natural conditioner and shampoo treatment, the following have been utilized:

  • For conditioning hair and to fight dandruff and restore hair sheen: vinegar (you can also use it to clean up the tools you use for hair care).
  • Shampoo: baking soda mixtures with vinegar and avocado can be not only a beneficial shampoo for your hair but fun for the kids as well; they love to hear it sizzle and pop.

Natural and Frugal Homemade Acne Remedies


If acne is a problem there are frugal and natural ways in which you can treat that as well. Mix together baking soda and water until a paste is formed. Apply the paste to your face, neck, back (wherever you are troubled with acne); be sure to rub it in using circular motions and then allow it to dry (10 minutes should be sufficient). Rinse this mixture off once it has dried with icy cold water. This doesn’t work for everyone so be sure to test it on a section of your skin first.

Another face mask concoction is cold cream and finely crushed aspirin mixed together. Rinse it off after approximately 5 minutes on your face. Chili peppers rubbed into fresh pimples can sometimes work wonders. Mixing clean water with apple cider vinegar in a 50/50 solution will help to dry out acne; and a lighter solution of 80/20 will help to keep acne under control.

I Hope You Know What You Are Doing

Of course, if you go ahead and try the suggestions mentioned in this post, make sure that you are using the freshest of ingredients. If you are planning to use those expired foodstuff or don’t have time to find the ingredients, you might be better off using those signature facial packages from trusted spa providers.

The author of this post, Kristina Parker, is a freelance blogger who often writes for Serene Day Spa & Beauty, a company that provides signature facials. She is a fitness enthusiast and considers swimming to be the perfect all-body workout. Follow her on Twitter @Kristinawparker.

5 Simple Tips To Look Like A Celebrity

We all try to look better than we are and we use celebrities as a standard for beauty. Who else are we going to emulate? Celebrities are picture perfect in our minds and we base our fashion trends on them. Is it fair to do this? I don’t know, but we do it anyway. That’s how civilization has functioned up to this point and that’s how civilization will function in the foreseeable future. All I can hope to do is help you look like your favorite star. Here are 5 simple tips to look like a celebrity.


If you want to look like a star then you’ll need to visit the gym much more frequently. Celebrities work very hard on their physique and it shows. However, it doesn’t come easy. You need to spend a good chunk of your time in the gym on a daily basis. Sure celebrities have trainers and nutritionists that you don’t, but don’t let that be an excuse. That just means that you’ll have to work twice as hard to look just as good. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your body. It takes time, effort and patience.


You look at the smooth glistening skin of a celebrity and wonder how that came to be. Your mind immediately jumps to ‘Botox’ and that’s the end of it. It’s not that difficult to achieve beautiful skin without the help of such procedures. Ever heard of moisturizer? It’s a much better alternative to Botox. Use it frequently to keep your skin moist and smooth. Drinking generous amounts of water also hydrates your skin. It’s the little things that you need to pay attention to. If you cover the basics right you won’t need to resort to anything else.

Style Your Hair

Everyone has a bad hair day, even celebrities. However, when they walk the red carpet their hair looks perfect. This is all thanks to a team of hair stylists that are always at their beck and call. There are certain celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence who opt for a more modest haircut. A short crop isn’t exactly out of your budget and it happens to be “in” these days. For men’s hairstyle what better example could there be than Leonardo DiCaprio? He looks like a smooth and sophisticated gangster from the 1930s. No wonder he’s beating George Clooney when it comes to women.

Visit the Dentist

Many celebrities have struggled with oral health problems and many of them have got dental work done. Tom Cruise is a classic example of this. He got braces when he was at the peak of his career. That just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how old you are you can still care for your teeth. If you have stained and crooked teeth you can’t win people over with your smile. And smiles are what celebrities are known for. Take a trip to the dentist and get your teeth fixed, because a beautiful smile can open many doors for you.

Suit Up

Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Whether you like it or not your clothes speak for you. People tend to take you more seriously when you’re dressed to the nines. You don’t need to take it to an extreme level like Barney Stinson, but it doesn’t hurt to wear a suit on important occasions. And we don’t just mean weddings and funerals. Wearing a suit on your first date will improve your chances of going out on a second one. Celebrities wear fine attires whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The image that celebrities have created for themselves isn’t out of your reach. All you have to do is use the tips mentioned here. These tips cover all avenues that lead to the perfect makeover that you so desperately desire. With this new and improved image you’ll find your life to be more fulfilling. Who’s ever refused anything to a celebrity? And now that you look like one, no one’s going to refuse you anything either. However, you must keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility. And by the way, that quote came from Voltaire, not Stan Lee.

John Miller, the author of this article, is an intern at Duncraig Village Dental, a well-known dental clinic. John is an ardent reader and enjoys reading novels by Robertson Davies.

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