Brands To Watch Out For: Claus Porto

If you haven’t heard of Claus Porto before then we’re very excited to be introducing one of the oldest and most prestigious body product brands around that we know you’ll fall in love with…

A brief introduction; Claus Porto began producing some of the finest body soap products around since 1887, in a family run factory in Portugal. Today, they are considered a brand of utmost quality and refinement throughout the world, famous for their mind blowing assortment of fragrances from Banho Citron Verbena to Ilycra Honeysuckle!

Above all, we think their old-timely 1950’s packaging is to die for and nowadays, the collection encompasses an array of soaps, body wash, liquid soaps, bath sales and aromatic candles. The complete set would look great in any bathroom!

If this prestigious brand sounds exciting to you, then keep reading to find out our top 5 secrets to why we love these body products so much:

The New ‘Deco’ Collection

Their new ‘Deco’ collection is proving very popular and our favourite has to be the ‘Aguia Vetyver.’ It’s available in 4 different forms and is one for the musky lovers out there. If you haven’t heard of Aguia before, it’s an incredibly herby fragrance made from a combination of Sandal perfume, Myrrh and Patchouli. Mix this with the oil of Vetyver and it’s the perfect blend for a deep and revitalising cleanse. Perfect for when us Girls feel groggy!

Top Ranked Claus Porto Body Moisturiser

The ‘Cuface Almond Oil moisturiser’ must make it onto everyone’s Christmas list year after year as it’s almost impossible to find come January. It’s made from Almonds, Olives, Jojoba and soy oils which will help to improve the skins softness as well as retain moisture for longer. A well-kept secret salons like to keep to themselves.

Need Romantic Ambiance in Your Life?

Made from the powerful extract of the red poppy – there are no words to describe how beautiful the scent of the ‘Favorito’ aromatic candle is. We think it gives a wild and spontaneous touch to any atmosphere, one which is not easily forgotten.

The Claus Porto ‘Classico’ CollectionBrands To Watch Out For: Claus Porto

It’s not the easiest array of soaps to get hold of in the UK but in our opinion, they are worth hunting for! Made from pistachio butter, we think their creamy and moisturising texture make them true temptations (especially if you have dry and sensitive skin.) This collection will blow you away with their vintage pride packaging, it’s pure elegance.

Looking to give a little love this year?

We love the Claus Porto mini soap gift set as it includes a variety of miniature soaps from all collections. It’s been around for a few years now but what makes it exciting is that they mix it up year after year. Definitely the perfect gift for all the ladies in your life who are new Claus Porto and love to pamper.

And there you have it – now you can start enjoying what we think is the beauty brand of 2013 with confidence and start smelling beautiful….
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