Best Places to Dine While on a Diet

Best Places to Dine While on a Diet

When you are dining on a diet, your options do not have to be limited. There are ways to make a diet work so that you can still enjoy eating out with your friends. It is always important to remember to dine at restaurants that will not serve you with overwhelming portions of food and provide you with healthy options to choose. Here are some of the best places that you can dine while on a diet.

1. Salad Creations

At Salad Creations, you can enjoy the chance to create your own healthy salads at a minimal cost. This is a great lunch place to choose for its health-focused menu. When you are trying to cut carbs out of your diet, this is the place to go. Everything on the menu is fresh and delicious. You can choose from a light panini or full-fledged salad for lunch options.

2. Panera Bread

The key to dining out at Panera Bread is to avoid indulging in the many breads and pastries that this restaurant has to offer. This restaurant is included in the list due to its low-calorie options, such as tomato basil soup and veggie panini. There are healthy options that you can enjoy if you ever have to meet someone on a lunch date at Panera. When you look at the menu for Panera, be sure to pay attention to the calorie listings on the menu. Every item has its number of calories listed in the bottom right-hand corner.

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3. Gather Restaurant

If you want to enjoy some gourmet and health-conscious dining, then you must be sure to visit Gather Restaurant in Berkeley, California. This is one of the most famous health-focused restaurants for its flatbread pizzas and other dishes that are focused on featuring fresh and healthy produce.

4. Miya’s Sushi

Miya’s Sushi features sushi dishes that are all made from vegetarian ingredients. You will love the Smiling Piggie roll that features sweet potato tempura and pine nuts. The Rikki Tikki roll is another option that features hot peppers and Chinese black beans. The vegan sushi roll options at Miya’s Sushi are remarkable and will help you stick to your diet. The sophisticated and warm ambiance will also make you want to return again to this fabulous restaurant.

When you are looking for the best places to dine while on a diet, try to choose something that offers a variety of vegetarian options. You will never feel tempted to splurge and cheat on your diet while eating at one of these types of restaurants.