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5 Superfoods That Will Keep your Eyes Healthy

The story about carrots being good for your eyes is well-known. It’s also true. Carrots and other orange foods like certain squashes or sweet potatoes contain a nutrient known as beta carotene, which protects the cornea of your eye from the onset of cataracts. When it comes to eyes, there are more foods to consider […]

How Chocolate Can Be Even Better for The Brain Than Exercise

This is the news that every chocoholic hoped they would read one day – chocolate has the ability to improve your health. More precisely, chocolate is beneficial for your brain function according to findings of the recent study. Chocolate’s effect on brain health The group of scientists from Columbia University and New York University conducted […]

Beauty Secrets: Going Frugal And Natural

With a frugal price tag but a product of salon quality, some beauty products for your teeth, hair and skin can actually be found in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. Looking good just got a little less expensive and a lot more natural! Caring for Your Skin and Teeth Inexpensively and Naturally A bath with […]

5 Simple Tips To Look Like A Celebrity

We all try to look better than we are and we use celebrities as a standard for beauty. Who else are we going to emulate? Celebrities are picture perfect in our minds and we base our fashion trends on them. Is it fair to do this? I don’t know, but we do it anyway. That’s […]

Diet Plan For A College Student

Life in college is filled with haphazard routines for classes and study sessions, club meetings and going out with friends. Most college students do not follow a set routine for having a meal or exercising which is why they gain a lot of weight. To steer clear from that crowd, you should embark on a […]

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

Every day, countless Americans adopt diet and fitness routines centered on dropping unwanted weight. Unfortunately, all too often, they end up losing muscle unintentionally. This usually results in disappointing physiques that look weak or unhealthy. If you’d like to attain an attractive, healthy looking physique, learn how to burn fat without sacrificing muscle tone. Eat […]

Yoga: A Great Way To Get Fit

I had always thought that yoga was an exercise for “touchy-feely” people who really didn’t want to work out and get sweaty. Then I realized that everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – I know who does yoga is slender and fit. Not only that, they are deceptively strong. What the…? As I got older […]

Five Hen Party Ideas That Will Appeal to a Health Buff

Even health buffs tie the knot at some point and that can be tough for the bridal shower, hen or bachelorette party’s organizer. A hen that happens to be a health buff might not be interested in a traditional hen night celebration that calls for lots of alcohol, pub grub, and partying until the break […]

Musicians With War Wounds – Prevention is Better Than Cure!

There is no doubt that musicians suffer for their art. RSI (repetitive strain injury) is a common complaint of many people who play a musical instrument, and there is nothing more frustrating than your own body preventing you from playing. That frustration can turn to a life-affecting disaster if you earn your living from playing […]

Make Your Relationship Better As Your Bump Gets Bigger!

Pregnancy has a habit of putting a lot of stress on couples. It changes everything – inevitably – and a lot of relationships have been known to crack under the pressure. The woman can feel slightly compromised as her body is being taken over, and may harbor feelings of resentment towards the man whose life continues as […]