Want Your Pre-Baby Body Back?

12 Week Post Natal Printable Workout Plan

Say Bye-Bye Baby Weight As You Sculpt Your Body, Strengthen Your Core, & Boost Your Energy Level!

  • Easy To Follow Printable & Interactive Instructions: 70+ workout videos & 70+ workout images will show you step-by-step how to perform each workout move as well as any equipment you will need.
  • Perfect For Busy Moms: Each workout ranges from 40 - 50 minutes just 3 days per week. That's less than 2 1/2 hours each week.
  • Instant Access: After your purchase, you will be granted instant access to your HealthBuffs.com account where you will be able to download your workout to your computer or mobile device.
  • Optional iPhone/iPad & Android Mobile Apps Available: Skip the printer and just take your workouts with you using our mobile apps to build, track, log, or share your workout results.

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Banish That Lower Belly Pooch So You Can Wear Your Favorite Pre-Baby Jeans Again!

Take A Sneak Peek Below Of Just One Of The 70+ Workout Videos Included With Our 12 Week Postnatal Workout Program.

Over 70 easy to follow workout videos to ensure proper workout movements maximizing your efforts and minimizing potential injury from improper form.

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Here Is A Sample Page With Just A Few Of The 70+ Workout Images Included With Our 12 Week Postnatal Workout Program.

Over 70 easy to understand workout images with clear instructions so that all you need is just a quick glance and you are on to your next body shaping move. 

Was $39.99 Now $9.99 For A Limited Time!

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Get A Boost In Your Mood, Lowered Blood Pressure, and Firmed Up Soft Spots In Less Than 90 Days

So you’ve given birth to a wonderful bundle of joy, but now you need to get back your pre-baby shape. These workouts are designed to help you build a foundation of strength and endurance to prepare you for lifting and carrying your newborn baby and accessories, while also changing your body composition to help lose the excess baby weight.

Worried that it is going to be too hard? We understand and designed this workout to help you break through that doubt!

The Problem...

After being completely focused on your pregnancy for nine months, it can be a bit shocking to see just yourself when you look in the mirror after your baby is born. As you heal and get into the swing of new motherhood you might start eyeing your postpartum body with suspicion and wonder if you’ll ever fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans again.

Additionally, your body produces the hormone relaxin in larger amounts during pregnancy, and this can weaken the joints afterward. As a result, out-of-shape arms are ill-equipped to lift a baby from car seat to crib to stroller to changing table and back again several times a day, while wrists and shoulders may hurt and feel weak.

The sleep deprivation that comes from night time feedings and diaper changes saps your energy leaving you so exhausted that you have a hard time just getting out of bed.

The Solution...

The HealthBuffs.com 12 Week Postnatal Printable & Interactive Workout Plan will guide and help you gradually build strength and stamina as you reconnect with your core. You’ll start feeling stronger and more connected to your body in about a week and will start seeing results in as few as 2 weeks.

70+ Easy to follow workout videos

70+ Easy to understand workout images

Optional Apple & Android Mobile App Available

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Are You Still Wondering If This Is For You? - Gut Check Time...

Honestly ask yourself the following questions...

  • Do you stand in front of the mirror and not even recognize the body you see?
  • Are you wearing maternity clothes even though your baby is no longer a newborn?
  • Do people assume you’re still pregnant and ask you when you’re due?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable being naked in front of your significant other?
  • Do you hide your belly with baggy clothes, a pillow on the couch, or even your baby?
  • Do you have a closet full of pre-pregnancy clothes you cannot wear?
  • Are you too exhausted and overwhelmed to even think about exercise?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions then just remember 3 things...




Was $39.99 Now $9.99 For A Limited Time!

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Get our 12 Week Post Natal Printable & Interactive Workout Plan

...And we will help you get your pre-baby body back!

See what some of our customers have to say:

PATSY H. Pharmacy Tech

All I wanted to do was lose my paunch and few inches from my hips & thighs... After the 2nd month, I couldn't believe how much 'jiggle' I had gotten rid of. After sticking it out for 12 weeks, I lost 21 lbs of baby weight but I was even more surprised with my new defined tone... 

Thanks, HealthBuffs! I have more energy to keep up with my two little ones and my husband loves the new me.


I had given up on the idea of ever wearing my old clothes again... I just couldn't see how they could ever fit after delivering my 9 1/2 pound son. When I saw how easy-peasy it was to follow the videos and read the workout printouts, I knew I had no excuse to not give it a try...

After 12 weeks, I couldn't be more happy with my results... I've lost 26 pounds and can't believe how strong I feel. Carrying around my great big son is a breeze. I'm still about 20 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight and I know I will be there in the next 12 weeks following the workout plan... Yep, I'm gonna do it all over again!

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back!

Was $39.99 Now $9.99 For A Limited Time!

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